The Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP) announced today it is now accepting applications for a new State Crisis Intervention Program.  Grant funding can be used to support a broad range of community activities to address gun and violent crime issues. 

Iowa’s SCIP Advisory Board has identified behavioral health as the top priority area for Iowa’s initial round of SCIP funding, with emphasis on youth programming in both rural and urban communities.  Within this priority area, the Board identified the following as potential project responses to implement SCIP gun violence reduction objectives:

  • Mental health partnerships,
  • Crisis centers,
  • Co-responder projects,
  • Specialty courts,
  • Jail diversion,
  • Mobile crisis units,
  • Community programs,
  • Youth diversion programs,
  • Community response to methamphetamine,
  • Gun violence intervention,
  • Geo-fencing technology, and
  • Other innovative behavioral health-related state and local programming.

Approximately $1,100,000 in total funding will be available in the first year of ODCP’s competitive SCIP grant process, with a minimum of 40% passed through to local jurisdictions. 

Local and State units of government, including Indian tribes, are eligible to apply to ODCP.  Faith based and non-profit organizations are also eligible to apply, in collaboration with government agencies.

October 31st is the deadline for submitting applications online to ODCP, which intends to announce the recipients of grant awards by November 30th. 

An online pre-application workshop is scheduled for October 10th at 9am. 

Register to participate here.

For more information on the SCIP programs, go to ODCP’s website at or contact Dennis Wiggins at 515-805-4141