DPAC Minutes - August 6, 2020

Date: August 6, 2020                                                                  

Location: Virtual via Google Meet
Phone Number: 617-675-4444
PIN: ‪881 034 724 9328#

Called to Order: August 6, 2020 at ­­­1:03pm

Adjourned: August 6, 2020 at 3:14pm

Voting Members Present: Dale Woolery, Jennifer Miller, Kevin Gabbert, Sharon Greer, Bob Larson (for Warren Hunsberger), Steve Michael, Paul Feddersen, Vern Armstrong, Barb Anderson, Katrina Carter

Non-Voting Members Present: Josh Happe (for Steve Larson), Rob Burdess, Miriam Landsman, Brad Richardson, Lt. Col. Chuck Connors, Flora Schmidt

Voting Members Absent:

Jason Sandholdt, Chris Wilson (excused), Matt Harkin (excused), Leslie Russell (excused)

Voting Members Vacant

Iowa Peace Officers Association

Guests Present: Paula Noonan

ODCP Staff Present: Susie Sher, Evan Marten

Welcome and Introductions

Director Woolery called the meeting to order and welcomed attendees. 

Approval of the December 9, 2019 minutes

Motion to approve minutes by Barb Anderson. Second by Jennifer Miller. Minutes approved.

Update/Discussion – FOCUS Committee on Justice Reforms

Jennifer Miller from the Marshall County Attorney’s Office provided an update on the Governor’s FOCUS Committee. The committee met four times in 2019 to provide recommendations to the Governor to reduce recidivism. The Governor signed an Executive Order to restore voting rights upon release. The committee focused on reentry to the community, education, behavioral health treatment, reentering the workplace, and transportation. In 2020, the committee has met three times so far. This year the theme has switched to promoting an unbiased criminal justice system. They reviewed anti-profiling ordinances, pre-textual stops, legislation, data collection, and community advisory boards.

Update/Discussion – Pandemic and Behavioral Health

Kevin Gabbert from the Iowa Department of Public Health gave an update on how the pandemic has affected prevention and treatment services. IDPH has done an impact survey for all prevention contractors. Telehealth has expanded from roughly 10% or providers to 82%. Kevin mentioned that there have been an increased number of overdose deaths in the first five months of this year compared to past years.

Members discussed how the pandemic has affected their work. 

Discussion – 2021 Drug Control Strategy

Susie Sher from the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy discussed the upcoming 2021 Iowa Drug Control Strategy and asked members for input.

Agency Updates and Public Comment

Members gave updates on their agencies and the work being done at this time. No members of the public attended.      


Next Meeting (December 3, 2020)

*This meeting was held virtually. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, an in-person meeting was not a viable option at this time.