Susie Sher was selected as the Bureau Chief of the Office of Drug Control Policy, effective October 3rd, 2023. Susie joined the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP) in 2007.  Prior to joining ODCP, Susie served as a School Resource and DARE Officer at the Norwalk Police Department, and a patrol officer at the Indianola Police Department.

During her tenure at ODCP, Susie has worn many hats, primarily as a Budget Analyst and Executive Officer. Her work involves collaboration with both private and public sector leaders to coordinate the state's response to drug and alcohol use. She plays a pivotal role in grant administration, data collection and analysis, and the annual Iowa Drug Control Strategy.

Susie is a graduate of Iowa State University. As a married mother of four, she values quality time spent with loved ones. Susie’s dedication to creating a safer and healthier Iowa through her work at ODCP reflects her passion for public service and her love for her family.