DPAC Minutes - December 2019

Date: December 9, 2019                                                   

Location: Pape State Office Building, 215 E 7th St, Des Moines, Iowa

Called to Order: December 9, 2019 at 1:05pm​

Adjourned: December 9, 2019 at 3:23pm​

Voting Members Present: Dale Woolery, Sharon Greer, Barb Anderson, Bob Larson (for Warren Hunsburger), Jennifer Miller (phone), Dave Lorenzen (phone), Janee Harvey (for Vern Armstrong), Jennifer Robertson-Hill (for DeAnn Decker), Katrina Carter (phone)

Non-Voting Members Present: Rob Burdess, Heather Schaffer (phone for Steve Larson)

Voting Members Absent: Matthew Harkin (excused), Jason Sandholdt (excused), Paul Feddersen (excused), Steve Michael (excused), Chris Wilson

Guests and Presenters Present:  Dr. Caitlin Pedati, Tom Rendon

ODCP Staff Present: Susie Sher, Evan Marten

Welcome and Introductions
Director Woolery called the meeting to order and welcomed attendees. 

Approval of the July 30, 2019 minutes
Motion to approve minutes by Katrina. Second by Barb. Minutes approved.

Update: Vaping in Iowa
State Medical Director Dr. Caitlin Pedati provided an update on vaping and e-cigarette/vaping acute lung injury. The CDC is reporting over 2,000 cases nationally. CDC is only reporting cases resulting in hospitalization. Iowa is still collecting all reported cases. About 86% of Iowa cases require hospitalization. Of the Iowa cases, about 80% of the cases contain THC. Many patients also report using nicotine or not knowing what they have used. IDPH has additional information available and will provide for the group. IDPH is focused on gathering information to learn the patterns and share what we do and do not know. The FDA is attempting to test the products that patients have used. Educational efforts and materials are available from IDPH.

OHS Region VII Opioid/Substance Use Training Update
Tom Rendon from the Iowa Department of Education shared an update on Region VII (Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri) opioid training. The training was specific to Head Start and opioids. The state team decided to work on the infrastructure for Drug-Endangered Children (DEC) teams in local communities by supporting the identification of funding for a statewide DEC coordinator. The second strategy is to connect the currently operating teams back to Head Start and Early Access. The third strategy is to reconnect with DPAC and DEC groups. The fourth strategy is professional development and training. The final strategy is to connect with early childhood programs. The local grantees also have ongoing efforts outlined in Tom’s presentation.

2020 Planning and Legislative Update
Director Woolery shared that ODCP has pre-filed one draft legislative proposal on Iowa hemp safety. Dale also shared that ODCP was successful in receiving a new three-year grant for a pre/post-arrest diversion to treatment pilot program.

Bob Larson shared that Adult and Teen Challenge is working on opening a new 12-15 person male facility in Ames.

Jennifer Robertson-Hill shared about a recent conference held on opioids, meth, and poly-substance use. IDPH is also hosting the Governor’s Conference on Substance Use on April 21st and 22nd next spring. They are also planning a pre-conference on April 20th, which conflicts with the Drug Endangered Children conference also being held that day.

Barb Anderson shared about grant work being done in three school districts on mental health, substance use, and violence prevention and other grants through the Iowa Department of Education.

Susie Sher shared an update on the recently released Iowa Drug Control Strategy and will seek input from the council next summer.

Judge Sharon Greer shared that the Judicial Branch is looking more into the coordination and utilization of drug courts.

Janee Harvey shared that DHS was busy with Family First during the last legislative session. Family First is focused on keeping children with their parents or other family members. DHS is working with five judges who are asking specific questions about mitigating danger for the child before signing off on a removal. DHS has an RFP out for evidence-based intensive in-home visiting services.

Rob Burdess shared that the Iowa Police Chiefs Association will support hands-free driving, drug testing in driver fatalities, all-occupant restraint, and possibly smokeable hemp legislation in the upcoming session.

Dave Lorenzen shared that Iowa Peace Officers Association will also support drug testing in driver fatalities legislation, all-occupant restraint, and “blue alert” legislation. They will also focus on opposing any proposed marijuana legalization legislation.

Katrina Carter shared that DOC is focused on criminal justice reform working with the Governor’s focus workgroup.

Jennifer Miller shared that the County Attorneys Association’s legislative priorities are focused mostly on sexual abuse. Jennifer also serves on the criminal justice reform workgroup and said some initial recommendations are due soon.

Heather Schaffer shared that ABD is not filing any bills this year.


2020 meetings TBD