DPAC Meeting Minutes - September 14, 2021


Date: September 14, 2021                                        Location: Virtual via Zoom provided by Iowa National Guard

                                                                                                      In-person at Dodge House, Camp Dodge, Johnston, IA

Called to Order: September 14, 2021 at 1:02pm

Adjourned: September 14, 2021 at 3:23pm

Voting Members Present: Dale Woolery, Terra Kinney, Sharon Greer, Steve Michael, Nancy Hunt (for Barb Anderson), Vern Armstrong, Jason Feaker, Ryan Moore, Pat Coughlin, Brenna Bird

Non-Voting Members Present: Josh Happe (for Steve Larson), Jonathan Borg, Rob Burdess

Voting Members Absent:

Jason Sandholt (excused), Kevin Gabbert (excused), Chris Wilson (excused), Warren Hunsberger, Katrina Carter (excused),

Guests Present: Will De Blois, Brad Richardson, Paula Noonan, Miriam Landsman

ODCP Staff Present: Susie Sher, Dennis Wiggins

Welcome and Introductions

Director Woolery called the meeting to order and welcomed attendees. Members made introductions.

Approval of the June 3, 2020 minutes

Minutes were approved. Motion by Vern Armstrong. Second by Jason Feaker.

Strategy Discussion

Members discussed many topics during the meeting. The pervasiveness of methamphetamine use in Iowa and the impact it has on rural Iowa were discussed at length. The need for treatment resources (beds, money, and medication-assisted treatment), the need for resources for rural America, the need for both standardization and innovation in specialty courts, enforcement at the southern border and its effect on supply and cost of drugs, and other meth-related topics were discussed.

Members also discussed the impact of the pandemic on substance use. Alcohol use has gone up, there is less oversight and accountability for people needing supervision, and there is a lack of resources available for those who need them. The border being closed during the early months of the pandemic also impacted drug supply and price.

Some other topics discussed include: alcohol, kratom and possible regulation, fentanyl, the need for prevention and education for youth and young adults (especially about the dangers of methamphetamine), overdose reporting, underage alcohol compliance checks, and law enforcement training. Pat Coughlin gave a description of the Bridges program in Polk County.

Other Business and Public Comment

An opportunity for public comment was provided, but no one offered comments.  No other business was discussed.                                 


Next meeting December 7, 2021.

*This meeting was held both virtually and in-person. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a virtual option was offered to those would could not attend in person.   

Signed: Susie Sher