DPAC Meeting Minutes - Oct 13, 2016


Date: October 13, 2016 Location: Pape State Office Building, Des Moines, Iowa

Called to Order: October 13 th at 1:00 pm

Adjourned: October 13, 2016 at 3:40 pm


Voting Members Present:

Vern Armstrong; Matthew Harkin; Dave Lorenzen; Jane Larkin; Steve Lukan; Jennifer Miller; and Chris Wilson.

Non-voting members:

Steven Arndt; and Chuck Connors.

Voting Members Absent:

Barb Anderson; Thomas Bower; Paul Feddersen; (excused); Warren Hunsberger ; Katrina McKibbin; Steve Michael; Jason Sandholdt (excused);& Kathy Stone.


Mike Boatman, Department of Corrections; Steve Larson, Alcoholic Beverages Division; Roxanne Scheffert, Department of Corrections; Stephanie Strauss, Alcoholic Beverages Division; & Janet Zwick, Iowa Behavioral Health Association


Dennis Wiggins, Dale Woolery.

Welcome and Introductions

Director Lukan called the meeting to order and attendees provided introductions.

Approval of the April 28, 2016 minutes

Motion to approve minutes. Minutes approved.

Iowa Second Chance Recidivism Reduction Project

Mike Boatman and Roxanne Scheffert briefed the Council on the Statewide Recidivism Reduction Initiative (SSR) funded through the Federal Second Chance grant program. Five states have been chosen through a competitive process to implement systematic changes aimed at reducing recidivism over five years. The five states include Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Vermont, and Georgia.

The SSR initiative in Iowa involves a five pronged approach including enhancements in:

  • Quality Assurance Plan – Ensure correctional programming is evidence based and that it is delivered with fidelity. Improve risk assessments.
  • Training Plan – Identify training needs and provide training to ensure that staff skills meet job requirements.
  • Pre-Release Planning/Policy – Re-entry transition planning including cross training and coordination with community service partners.
  • Job Competencies – Updating job classifications and hiring/promotion practices.
  • Community Based Corrections and Institutional Workload – Identify optimal workloads and focus staff time on evidence based activities.

The current recidivism rate is nearly 30% in Iowa. The objective of this project is to reduce that rate to 20% after five years.

Alcohol Policy Review

Steve Larson briefed the council on activities underway by the Alcoholic Beverages Division to evaluate Chapter 123 laws related to Alcoholic Beverage Control. Steve indicated that consumer demand is driving changes in the industry. Steve referred to recent changes such as powdered alcohol, home delivery options, microbreweries/distilleries, and other product changes which necessitates a review of existing laws. Steve reported that the public good, public safety, and public health are primary objectives of the Division’s review. The process began with industry identifying regulatory/rule changes to improve the marketplace. The next step will involve vetting those recommendations with law enforcement, human service providers, the substance abuse prevention community, and the general public to minimize unintended consequences on public health/safety and to add clarity to the regulations.

Agency/Organization Updates

Steve Lukan: The Drug Endangered Children’s workgroup mandated by the legislature to examine issues and develop policy recommendations relating to the protection and safety of drug endangered children has had their initial meeting.

Steve Arndt: The Consortium recently released a review of opioid treatment admission in Iowa. Steve reported an uptick in opioid treatment – resulting primarily from individuals returning to treatment. Steve reported that in Iowa the typical client is in their 20s and started using opioids in their teens. There is also a noticeable increase in people seeking opioid treatment who are 55+ years old.

Matthew Harkin: Matthew reported that that there have been a number of incidents in Des Moines where Naloxone has saved the lives of people who overdosed on opioids.

Chuck Connors: The Midwest Counterdrug program funding has improved with the assistance of a loan from the Army/Air Force. Chuck reported that the National Guard will be hosting a red ribbon proclamation during red ribbon week.

Jane Larkin: Red ribbon week is coming up and the prevention community is stepping up their use of social media to promote the event. Jane reported that AC4C has developed educational videos on the beer tax and on marijuana. The videos are available on YouTube. AC4C will host a youth day on the hill February 23 rd .

Jennifer Miller: The County Attorney’s Association is promoting a bill to allow online search warrant applications.

Chris Wilson: Schools are looking at mental health and substance abuse connections. Also connecting other issues like sexual abuse. Schools are relying more and more on social media to communicate with parents and students on these issues.

Vern Armstrong: DHS is participating in the Drug Endangered Children workgroup.


Next meeting will be announced at a later time. There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

Dennis Wiggins

Steven F. Lukan, Coordinator